Minnesota: Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Measure

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Saint Paul, MN: Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoed legislation on Friday that sought to allow for the limited use of medical marijuana by qualified patients.

As passed by the legislature, the measure would have exempted patients with a diagnosed "terminal illness" from state arrest and prosecution for the use of marijuana under a physician's supervision. Under the proposal, authorized patients would not have been allowed to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes.

Lawmakers voted to limit the scope of the measure late last week in an attempt to avoid the Governor's veto.

In his veto statement Gov. Pawlenty wrote, "While I am sympathetic to those dealing with end-of-life illnesses and accompanying pain, I stand with law enforcement in opposition to this legislation."

Proponents of the measure have indicated that they may try to enact medical cannabis legislation via the passage of a constitutional amendment next year.

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