Kentucky Crop Estimates

KentuckyU.S. Rank
1995 Population /13,857,00024
US Population Share1.47%24
Marijuana Market Share9.02%3
Estimated 1997 Eradication35%6
Low Retail Estimate of Harvest$2,280,000,0003
High Retail Estimate of Harvest$3,640,000,0003
Low Farm Value Estimate of Harvest$1,370,000,0003
High Farm Value Estimate of Harvest$2,180,000,0003
Ounce Price (Regional Retail Index) /2$2703
Estimated Production Weight (lb.)526,8323
Outdoor Sites Closed /366552
Greenhouses Closed /31178
Total Plants Eradicated /3453,8864

1. U.S. Census

2. Derived from data reported in High Times

3. Drug Enforcement Administration