Media Archive

For over 40 years NORML has been waging a media campaign to help educate the public about the harmful effects of marijuana prohibition and to better organize the millions of Americans who consume marijuana -- a potentially powerful political constituency -- so they will have more influence and impact with our local, state and federal elected officials.

The Media Archive documents our efforts and provides you with an entertaining history of this important part of NORML's charter.

The History of the NORML Organization

NORML's 20th annual conference panel discussion broadcast by C-Span. August 30, 1990.

Magazine Feature Article On NORML

NORML's staff is featured in Skunk Magazine's "The White Issue", a tribute to The Beatles' iconic album.

AP Wirephoto: R. Keith Stroup

Historic photo of NORML founder Keith Stroup in 1971.

A Little Less Woodstock, A Little More NORML

NORML founder Keith Stroup and Executive Director of Washington NORML Kevin Oliver are interviewed regarding marijuana law reform.

Photos from Cannabis Festivals

NORML Founder Keith Stroup at the Seattle Cannabis Cup and The Boston Freedom Rally, 2013.