NORML Testimony

Since 1970, NORML staff members and representatives have testified in all fifty states and abroad advocating for reforming marijuana laws for adult, medical marijuana and industrial use.

As few citizens actually get to attend a legislative committee hearing, NORML encourages you to read the testimonies and learn the different ways, persuasions and lines of reason NORML has employed to advance the
cause of sensible marijuana law reform.

NORML wants to frequently update this section of the web site. However, for that to happen, you and all your like-minded friends and family need to encourage your local, state and federally elected officials to propose/co-sponsor marijuana law reform legislation or at the very least support its passage and hold hearings on the proposed legislation in the applicable committees.

Legislators are far more inclined to support marijuana law reform legislation and hold public hearings if they, as they must, hear from their voting!

Also, these legislative hearings give local, state, national and international media the opportunity to cover the subject of marijuana in an even-handed and objective manner.

Bottomline: Legislative committee hearings are crucial to the passage of legislation that stops treating marijuana smokers like criminals.

Help end marijuana prohibition