Canada NORML


NORML Canada believes the government should immediately halt arrests for simple possession and other cannabis offences leading up to legalization in July 2018 and if charged the government should stop seeking sentences of actual imprisonment and focus on constructive alternatives and in particular stop seeking mandatory minimums NOW. Canadians should not continue receiving criminal records for a substance which will be legal in one year, and Canada will save significant resources on policing and prosecuting these simple offenses against otherwise law-abiding Canadians

Regional Directors:

Ontario – Paul Lewin
Pacific – Kirk Tousaw
Prairies – Keith Fagin
Quebec – Marc-Boris St-Maurice

Regional Coordinators:

Prairies – Debbie Fagin
Ontario – Abigail Sampson







  • John W. Conroy, President
  • Alan Young, Vice President
  • Jim McIlwham, Treasurer
  • Paul Lewin, Secretary
  • Craig Jones, Executive Director


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