NORML Hemp Alliance

The NORML Hemp Alliance (NHA) is an online professional association consisting of high quality hemp merchants, researchers, business consultants, growers, and activists.

NHA members are committed to reforming the laws prohibiting the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in the United States and eliminating trade barriers on the importation of hemp products into the U.S. from Canada and other countries. The NHA stays abreast of the latest legislation and legal issues, and is active in advocating for positive change and educating the public about the numerous environmental and economic benefits of industrial hemp.

The NHA also promotes the development of a friendly hemp industry in which members support one another by sharing important information. Members share opinions, industry contacts, legal information and practical business advice.

Importantly, NHA members recognize that the hemp movement cannot be completely separated from the overall marijuana-law reform movement. Whether marijuana is a medicine, a recreational intoxicant or an agricultural commodity, it should not be criminally prohibited by the federal government.

NORML urges anyone interested in industrial hemp products to take the opportunity to contact the NHA merchant nearest you. If you would like to be included as a member, please forward your contact information and qualifications to: